Julia Goda - Adult Romance Author

Julia Goda is the self-published author of the Cedar Creek Series and The Girl Series, both of which have their first two novels published but still have lots more to come.


Her novels touch on all kinds of different topics, but the things she tries to focus on no matter what are romance, strong women, alpha men, and the process of overcoming emotional trauma.


When she’s not in her writing cave, spinning the tales that have been hounding her or editing (yes, she is also a professional editor,) she enjoys reading, drinking coffee, eating good food, and listening to rock music.


She just moved from Southern Alberta, Canada (Rocky Mountain territory, the inspiration behind Cedar Creek,) to Vancouver Island, where she enjoys the simple life close to the ocean with her husband and two Labs.



Connect with Julia Goda




Google: www.google.com/+JuliaGoda

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/Julia_Goda

Twitter: julia_goda