The Cedar Creek Series

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Life has taught Ivey Jones early on that with trust come pain and betrayal. Out of survival she has created walls around her to keep anyone from getting too close. Though she lives in her dream house in the Rocky Mountains and loves being the owner of the town's quirky little bookstore Serendipity, her life is narrow and governed by strict rules that she never deviates from…until Cal Bennett enters her life.


For the past nine years Calvin “Cal” Bennett has stayed away from Ivey, thinking she deserved better than to be saddled with a single dad who has never been good at relationships. Until a few chance encounters show him what he’s been missing and he can’t stay away any longer.


Little does he know he’s got a fight on his hands that he might not be equipped to win. Shadows from Ivey's past lurk in the dark, ready to strike and bring her low once and for all. But Cal swears he will do whatever it takes to break through that wall of steel to win Ivey’s heart and keep her safe.

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Six years ago Loreley Cooper thought she had it all. Head over heels in love with her boyfriend Jason and ready to take on the future after college, she landed the internship of her dreams. But things came crashing down during a fight, when she believed she found out he’d done something she knew she could never forgive. Completely heartbroken she walked away and hasn’t talked to him since.


Now, six years later, Loreley is recovering from a painful tragedy that almost killed her. Finally finding her way back to herself, now famous rock star Jason Sanders storms back into her life and seems determined to win her back. Why he would seek her out after all this time, Loreley has no idea. She has sworn to never talk to him again after what he did.


Jason Sanders is determined to not let the love of his life walk away from him again and is willing to do anything and everything to make her give them another chance.


Misunderstandings are uncovered and secrets are revealed that lead to pain and heartbreak yet again. Will they have what it takes to forgive each other and themselves and fight for their happily-ever-after or is it too late?

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***Previously published as DAXTON in the Scrooged Anthology***

Daxton McArthur is a successful but cold businessman. For reasons he never discusses, he has no time for the frivolities the Christmas season brings. A surly man normally, he turns it up a notch when Santa’s elves come out to play. This year, that personality flaw might cost him.

Instead of finding joy by helping a friend, Emersyn Moore finds herself bearing the brunt of Daxton McArthur’s disdain. Usually a good-natured person, Emersyn is pushed to the end of her patience by his scowls and sneers.

When he’s stranded in the middle of a snowstorm, she feels obligated to take him in. It is Christmas Eve, after all.

What happens when two worlds collide and they’re not as different as they thought? Will the light Emersyn’s smile promises be enough to bring Dax back to life, or will he run, forever hiding in the darkness of his past mistakes?

© 2018 Julia Goda