Frequently Asked Questions



Are you a self-published author?


Yes, I am a self-published author. My books are published both through Smashwords and Amazon.

Will your books ever be available in print?



All my books get published as something you can hold in your hands through CreateSpace. Sometimes it takes a week or so longer until those links are up, since it requires more time to read through the print proofs, but I always try to publish both e-book and print books simultaneously.  

How do you come up with your stories?


That differs from story to story. Sometimes, I see a scene play out in my head and that's the beginning of a new book. Sometimes, just a word or an idea pop up and I develop a story from there. Other times, I want to write about a certain topic and create characters and a story line around that topic. More often than not I am inspried by music. Have you ever listened to a song and come up with your own music video in your head? It happens to me all the time! And then there are times when something that has happened to me or to my family and friends that won't leave me and I have to bring it to paper (or rather screen!).

How do you write? What is your process?

I'm a big note taker. As soon as I have an idea I'll write it down. These can be just random thoughts or complete scenes with dialogue and background story. I am also very organized so I have lots and lots of notebooks full of ideas. Then I start writing the story that is pushing at me to come out most. At that point I usually have a rough idea of the beginning or the first scene and then use all the other ideas and random thoughts to guide me through the development of the book. This sounds way more structured than it actually is. Most of the time the book will take me whereever it wants to go! That's probably why I can never catch up with all the notes!

I have never read any of your books. Can I read a sample somewhere?


Absolutely! I am a strong supporter of sampling before you buy and do it myself all the time. All my books have samples or teaser chapters on this website as well as on both Smashwords and Amazon.

Try before you buy!